The Codifying Methodology

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Check this out – you don’t need to be a programmer to understand what it means to codify (which simply means to “break down” or “systematize”). Current day, when we hear the word “coder”, we think about software. But I submit, we are all “coders”, or at least we should be. Not in a writing software for a device sense… What I’m talking about is viewing ourselves as the most capable operating system in existence. I think the analogy is a powerful way to look at life.

cod·​i·​fy | \ ˈkä-də-ˌfī  , ˈkō- \


Thinking about coding can be daunting for some. But as a 20+ year programmer, having learned dozens of programming languages, let me assure you that at its core, coding is pretty simple.

One of the keys to coding is understanding what in the hell you’re trying to accomplish. Sometimes that’s the hardest part. Or that might change half-way through… or you might need to try something before you really know. Rapid prototyping can help iterate quicker…

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function Codifying(input) {

var study;
var learn;
var teach;
var reflect;