About Corey Kelley

Corey is a student of what’s next with a focus on culture, technology, hearing, understanding, planning and execution.

MobiHuman is a passion project about life, relationships and technology…

Corey has been told that writing in third person is the way to go, so that’s what he’s doing here…

For Corey, MobiHuman is a way of life – representing the constant need to adapt to the world, making the most out of yourself.

Corey has been in technology for 20+ years and has also been a dad and husband for about the same. He started his technology career as a programmer and progressed from there. Now a technology executive, Corey focuses on the broader application of technology across organizations and their respective ecosystems.

As a husband and father, Corey has learned (still learning) a lot about negotiation, compromise, influence and mentoring. He’ll tell you… if you thought technology was complicated and changed fast, try raising three kids – they’re much more complicated and won’t slow down, no matter how much you ask them to. Thankfully, his wife is amazing – he’s a lucky guy to have her as his partner on this trek.

Corey loves running, cycling and anything outdoors – challenging himself to stay fit and improve his conditioning. He has found that this is an important part of mental health, physical well-being, and overall just being the best version of yourself.

As Corey continues through life, he keeps learning that there is a lot to learn. MobiHuman is his way of synthesizing what he’s learning, so that it can be shared to others. Consequently, as a continuous cycle, he’s learning through this process. Corey uses his applicable skills as a coder to break down different aspects of life into “bit”-sized functions, that can be collectively combined as an “application” to life. There are various methods he institutes as useful tools… an overall methodology. These include the principles of lulogy and codifying. A lulogy is a living eulogy, a story of your future life. Codifying is about taking certain aspects of humanity and breaking them down into simpler terms.

If you have ideas, thoughts, complaints or just general comments, Corey would love to hear from you here.